About Us
            Sor. Vorapin Boxing Gym was established on December 5, 1979 by a young couple who loved Thai Boxing very much and had a dream to start a small gym of their own one day. After years of dedication by Mr. Surapol and Ms. Vorapin, SorVorapin Gym was born. This explains how Sor.Vorapin got its name.

          The Sor.Vorapin name came from first name of the couple ( "Sor" is from Mr. Surapol and "Vorapin" is from Ms. Vorapin ). We are professionally recognized in training for both Thai-boxing as well as international-boxing. We have trained not only several Thai-boxing champions of the official stadium in Thailand but also World boxing champion of I.B.F. (International Boxing Federation) and W.B.O. (World Boxing Organization).

          We particularly specialize in providing courses of Thai-boxing (Muay Thai) to foreigners using our own systematic approach. Our skilled coaches and trainers directly supervise the training at every single step to ensure the quality of our students. Several hundred foreign students enrollment annually confirms our popularity and commitment to the best quality.( Beginners – Professional welcome )

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