Melissa Dimaano

Name : Melissa Dimaano & Barney Russ
Age : 28 & old man 30
Country : UK


Coming to Sor Vorapin Gym 2 is definitely one of the best decisions me and my fianc? have made since we started travelling. Without any notice at all (seeing as this was a crazy last minute decision) they were friendly and inviting. As complete beginners we had no idea what we were to expect but had decided that to get a real Thai experience we should give it a go for a month. As much as we wanted to learn Muay Thai, we also had our weight and fitness in mind.

Using the instructions online we found it easy to make our way to the gym, we really liked the fact it was out of the centre of Bangkok but really easy to get to all the main attractions via a short inexpensive taxi ride or bus (not that we had much energy for any of this!)

We found the gym down a really cool rickety path, over what looks like a swamp. Then the gate opens out to a lovely garden then at the end of that a small hut with 3 hammocks in to chill out between trainings. The gym itself is a fairly big space, which still has room for expansion maybe another ring or two, although it’s covered it’s still open enough to get some wind through as it can get pretty hot in Bangkok. Loved all of it, the whole old school Thailand feel was just what we were after for an experience.
The training is intensive but a lot of focus is placed on the physical ability and fitness of each individual so we felt pushed but never overwhelmed. As intensive as it was it was still fairly laid back and the longer you stay here the better you start to know, and get on with the trainers, which triples the experience. All the trainers are equal parts crazy, encouraging, fun, great teachers and still technically gifted.