Sean Steele

Name : Sean Steele
Age : 34
Country : Canada

  My time here at Sor.Vorapin Gym has been excellent. It took me a few days to adjust to the climate, time difference, different food, etc, but then I began to feel better each day.
There are three main things I appreciated most in my time here:
1. Excellent training (expert trainers who helped push me every day);
2. Living on site and enjoying authentic Thai food every day; and
3. The fact that the gym is located in a regular Thailand village without any other tourists around (yet not too far of a taxi ride to the popular tourist places).The last two reasons really made me feel like I got to experience Thai culture in a small way which was a nice lesson for me.
As for the training here, I thought it was just great. The training really helped to push me further and further (I now think my stay here was too short). Also the fact that I could do some sparring and pad work with former champions is of course a real thrill.
The only small suggestion I would make is to perhaps revise the map for taxis to take us back to the gym when we are out and about Bangkok. Many taxi drivers did not know where to go (it helped a lot when I learned to tell them “Talingchan – Svan Pak Road 1”).
When I return home, I will absolutely recommend this gym to my friends who I know are also considering a similar trip.