Jonathan Esteves

Name : Jonathan Esteves
Age : 22
Country : England


I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Sor. Vorapin 2. From the time I was met at the airport to my last training sessions I was made to feel welcome and at home. The gym had everything we needed for training, from a variety of different sized gloves, to pads, wraps, bags and a sparring ring. The gym itself has a beautiful little garden for you to relax in and an area with hammocks if you don’t want to lie on the grass, its in a quiet area which can really make a difference if you need to concentrate.

The gym isn’t too far from attractions in Bangkok, only a cheap taxi ride away. And local stores like the 7/11 are about 5 minutes walk away. Sometimes you can have trouble getting a taxi to come back to the gym as it’s a little hard to find, but they provide you with a little leaflet with the address on in Thai to show the driver.
The training itself was good and the trainers push you at your own pace so you don’t over do it. As they feel you getting used to it they push you that little bit more. If there was a problem with technique they would quite happily show you how to perform it correctly until they felt you were comfortable, and would explain any problems you might have if you asked. I barely speak any Thai at all and the language barrier was never really a problem between me and the trainers.
The food after training was amazing, and there was always more if you wanted it. They ask if there’s anything you don’t eat when you arrive at the gym so that was never a problem. In 2 weeks at the gym, there wasn’t anything that was cooked that I didn’t like.
I had a fantastic time at the gym and learnt a lot from training and sparring every day, I would definitely recommend this gym to anybody interested in getting away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok while they train, but still wanting to go see the city. I had a great time, I only wish I could stay longer than 2 weeks.