Lorena Klijn

Name : Lorena Klijn
Age : 23
Country :Netherlands

  I really had a great time at Sor vorapin 2. The trainers and the other people working at sor vorapin are very kind for everyone!
The lady who was making the food is really the best chef in Thailand! Every day we eat something else and every day it was so nice.
Sor vorapin 2 has a beautiful location. It’s so nice that it is outside!
Supermarket is nearby and if you want to go somewhere you just take a cab and you can go wherever you want.
Twice a day a training for two hours is hard but you get also a lot of free time. I liked the pad working and the sparring! Pad working was tough but I like working hard so that was perfect. Sparring with the teachers was great to because you learn to watch and play the game. Thai is not my style but when I fought the trainers I used the Thai style just because they do it and then you’re automatically using the same style.