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            We particularly specialize in providing courses of Thai-boxing (Muay Thai) to foreigners using our own systematic approach. Our skilled coaches and trainers directly supervise the training at every single step to ensure the quality of our students. Several hundred foreign students enrollment annually confirms our popularity and commitment to the best quality and do not worry if you are a beginner, we know very well how to train you step by step
1. Sor Vorapin Gym 1 :
Located at 13 TrokKasab, Jakapong Rd., ( nearby Khaosan Rd.) 

Training daily ( Sun – Mon )
Time : 8.00am. -9.30am , 3.00pm. - 4.30pm

Private class – one on one training
( Make reservation at least 1 day in advance ) 1,000 Baht / session.
Time : 10.00-11.30am.

Muay Thai Training  Fee : ( Training Only without Accommodation)

1 Time

7 Times

15 Times

30 Times

500 Baht

2,500 Baht

4,700 Baht

9,000 Baht


2. Sor Vorapin Gym 2 :
Located at : 37/15 SoiSuanpak 1Rd, Moo. 10. Talingchun Bangkok 10170 Thailand
( 20 minutes by taxi from our gym 1 )

Training for Full Program Package
Included with Training 2 times / day
Private Accommodation and Food 2 meals / day


2 Times/

Food 2 meals


Details Training

Private Normal Room

Air Condition Room


1 Day



Morning and Afternoon

1,300 Baht

1,500 Baht


1 Week



Morning and Afternoon

Discount from 9,100
7,800 Baht

Discount from 10,500
9,000 Baht


1 Month



Morning and Afternoon

Discount from 39,000
31,000 Baht

Discount from 45,000
36,000 Baht

( Exchange rate approximately, please check update rate again : 1 US$ = 35 Baht )

Private Group Training : “ Learn A Bit Muay Thai Program “

- Thai Boxing program (2 hours). This training is “Light Training for Beginners”. Nevertheless, there are also demonstrations of real fighting, Wai kru (Ram Muay), etc. This program suits well with foreigners, students, employees, and groups who are interested in Thai boxing (Free water and seasonal fruits offered)

Contact Person : Mr. Peraphan ( Pete ) or Mr. Surapol
Website :
E-mail :
Face book Fan page : Sor Vorapin Muay-Thai Gym
Line : peraphan
Tel : 081-649-5704 or 081-625-9651
Gym 1 : 02 - 282 -3551
Gym2: 02 – 433-9768
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